Sunday, October 19, 2008

Necropolis of Love - The Hope, 1984

Necropolis of Love - The Hope, 1984

Here is the next record my friend ripped me for this blog. I love it. Very goth, but in a good, Chameleons/Abecedarians sort of way. They even have a danceable song, too. This band were from San Francisco.

If you're jonesing for more of this band like I am, here is a link to their first 7" single.


George De Large said...

big thanks for this. i stumbled across one of their videos on youtube by accident.
i hope you dont mind, i put a link to this page in my blog.

Bimble said...

Nope, don't mind at all! Thanks for commenting and linking. I wouldn't call them "jokers" though...I found out the singer is a very nice and intelligent man.

Fanciz said...

I love that band, I'm so sorry that they didn't make it! The song Talk is so catchy and David sings it with a lot passion à la Mike Scott! Would U know where I can get the lyrics? Thanx

Bimble said...

I'll write him and see if he can provide them for you. Thanks for your comment!

chariotdrvr14 said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the kind comments,
and thanks for posting the album and video.
Yes, I did post the vids myself on Youtube. But what the hey, I had them, aaaaand, I'm quite proud of them and the material.
Sure, we didn't ever get signed by a major label... but considering that we started out as "an electronic art band", I believe we ended in a manner that certainly preserved our status as such.

Songs like 'Talk' represented a visceral reaction to the 'greed is good' mentality of the 80's.
Considering the fact that we started out playing some of the most dingy dives in San Francisco and eventually moved up to much trendier venues and becoming a support act for many major label bands there were many times that I felt myself in utter contrast to our surroundings.
We've been described as 'gothic', but honestly, we didn't self identify ourselves as that... for my part, I described us as 'existential dance music', or I once told Iggy Pop that we played "hostile disco music".... he seemed to like that. lol!
Although after NOL, I did get into the goth scene quite a bit.

Anyway,...again, many thanks for the interest...and without furthur ado the lyrics to the song...


lyrics by David Velasquez
music by Peter Vinella

I'm looking at,
something left unsaid here,µ
cuz' I want to know,
what is in your head now?
because there 's something wrong,
wrong in this town,
and why we all are, alone here.

Talk to me,
I've got to hear your words
Talk to me,
...shatter the curse

I see the crowds that are hanging out,
there's so many closed cliques
What I like to see,
is individuality
because there's something wrong
wrong in this town,
and why are we all, alone here?

Talk to me,
I've got to hear your words
Talk to me,
...shatter the curse

I like to look at you,
but you're miles above me
That's the way that you see it,
and the way you'd like to think it
and you don't want to know
why things are wrong in this town
and why we all are alone here

Talk to me
I want to hear your words
Talk to me
Shatter the curse

I'm looking at
a crying need for change
because we've got to break
through our mutual disdain
because you don't want to know
why things are wrong in town
and why we all are
so alone here

Talk to me
I've got to hear your words
Talk to me
shatter the curse
(live version additional lyrics) ....shatter the bigotry
shatter the silence
ah, shatter the curse

Anonymous said...

sounds cool to me

puvdaddy said...

Not to disagree with Dave, we actually did get signed to SIRE. We (I) just forgot to add a clause that made sure that they released the record. We got an invitation to Madonna's birthday as a consolation prize. Oh well...

We never tried to be anything. We really just tried to play what we felt. We went out every night and listened to all sorts of music. We incorporated what we liked and even what we didn't like at times.

While it was fun, it wasn't about fun. We were really incredibly serious about it. Bill (the drummer) was exceptionally emotional and he added an urgency that let David's and my idealism (which came from entirely different directions) really soar. We were angry, something that I think is missing from Gothic. Anger is a necessary for change.

I wrote this to Dave and Bill as much as for this blog. And the best shows were the drives and the Theoretical Party(s).

Thanks for relating to our music 20 years after we gave it wings.

Peter V.