Saturday, October 11, 2008

Industry - Turning To Light EP, 1981

Industry - Turning to Light EP, 1981

Folks who have followed this blog may remember when I posted a You Tube clip of this band from 1984. Well, here is an EP of them from 1981 and this was their second release. The band were from New York state. At the time they did this EP, it looks as though the members were Brian Unger, Mercury Caronia and Rudy Perrone. Jon Carin, who would later go on to sing and write many of the songs on their debut LP, was only thanked on the sleeve for this EP and I don't hear his voice on any of the tracks here, nor does he have any songwriting credits. This is rudimentary synth pop, with a touch of rock on the last track. Folks who know of their first release (which I may or may not post here...I certainly don't have a sleeve for it) may or may not appreciate this record. I find it a bit corny myself, and much prefer their debut LP, but then I will allow many folks would find that corny as well!


Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! Sort of an American version of the early Nits with a little Devo. I like it very much, so thank you for sharing this!! Can you provide their self-titled EP from 1983?

Bimble said...

Yes, I can provide that, but I'm warning you that as far as I can tell, there is only ONE song on it that is any different from the versions that subsequently appeared on their 1984 LP I just posted.

I'll get to work on it, though.

McDoC said...

Hi bimble. Thanks for this EP. I have been an Industry fan since I heard "State of the Nation". I have never heard of their first 2 EP's prior to their mini-LP so this is a real treat. I have also posted their remixes in my first blog. So, just in case you still don't have the extended remixes of "State of the Nation", "Romantic Dreams" and "Still of the Night" (the rest were album versions you have posted here), you can check it out here:



Bimble said...

No, I don't have those mixes, would very much like to hear them. Thanks!