Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lou Reed/Velvet Underground

Jesus of the god of love,

I've given up. I don't care what people think anymore I have to fill this space with the music I love in any given moment and right now, Lou Reed is doing me really good.

Between going back and looking into some albums from his solo career I hadn't experienced before and coming across some blisteringly good Velvets boots, I'm in heaven. I mean I love Donna Summer, and I love this live Simple Minds DVD I got of them performing in 1983 is to die for, but still, I can't see the point of hearing anything besides Lou & co. right now.

Let's start with this album "Rock and Roll Heart" from 1976. I mean as far as I'm concerned, he's pretty much celestial, here. I've tried the "Sally Can't Dance" album, too, and I think it's got some great stuff on it, but this one is to die for.

And you know what else is to die for? The bonus tracks on the Coney Island Baby reissue. You don't know what you're missing, I'm sorry.

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