Sunday, July 12, 2009

Native Tongue is now reuploaded!

Okay, I finally got the Native Tongue album reuploaded now. Sorry it took so long. You can find it here.


Darren said...

Any chance of uploading The Sinatras again? You're the only place on the blogosphere where I'v found them.

Θειος said...

Hello from Greece.
Just seen your post about Greek post punk bands.
"I was so horrified to learn they had never managed to release any records!" [for The Hands Of Cain].
Finally , their Lp & 7" "The Only Sound" is out now...
look here:
or e-mail the band:
More infos in English , here:
Great band anyway!

Bimble said...
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Bimble said...

Darren - Yes I kinda neglected the Sinatras, I admit it. Sorry about that. Sure, I'll throw them on the turntable to rip when I do the Native Tongue EP next.

To the person who posted about Hands of Cain (I don't know how to type your name!) this is excellent news! I'm glad someone came to tell me about this or I might not have known. Thanks!