Monday, July 13, 2009

Bill Nelson - Hope For The Heartbeat

This song just occured to me tonight out of nowhere and I realized I hadn't heard it in way too long. That's what happens when you quit playing vinyl, I guess. Argh. Anyway, this is high quality early 80's synth pop. Not throw-away or cheesy, though. This guy has a lot of class.


PapayaSF said...

Great song, and I love how the title has multiple meanings: hoping to hear a heartbeat, there is hope for those with a beaten heart, etc.

Bimble said...

Yeah, I've been kindof getting back into him of late. It's nice to revisit his 80's material, even though it's patchy. I've been listening to tracks from the Getting The Holy Ghost across album (called 'On A Blue Wing' in the US) this morning.