Sunday, May 17, 2009

U2 - Unforgettable Fire

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There are people bullying me. They don't want me to be myself. I have to be myself. U2's Unforgettable Fire EP again. I need to express myself in a place where no one will hurt me about it.

I went to the graveyard last night with a friend, it was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Lots of military graves, there, too. Gorgeous.

This is the U2 era that makes me feel like I'm always going to be 14 years old. Forever.


p.diddley said...

Dude, I'm with you. First of all, I fucking hate what U2 has become. But back in the 80's they were so on. They could really do little wrong. I remember my family driving from Philadelphia to Niagara Falls for vacation, and the only tape I had to listen to on my Walkman was U2's 'Wide Awake In America' EP. I listened to it over and over and over, crammed in the backseat next to my brother and sister, nonstop. No when I hear those songs all I can think of is driving through rural Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. There songs back then were so great. The song The Unforgettable Fire is still one of my all time favorites. Why on Earth they didn't break up after the Joshua Tree is a mystery. Had they done that, the world would be spared the atrocities that are Zooropa, Pop and Bono's ridiculous fly glasses. He's such a freaking self-obsessed asshole I just want to punch him. Rock bands should be required to break up after 10 years. The Beatles knew what they were doing. Anyway, yeah, being 14 was awesome with U2. And the Edge didn't wear anything on his head back then. That's real.

Bimble said...

Yeah, Joshua Tree was where I quit with them, too! Thanks for your comment.