Sunday, May 31, 2009

I saw 4 tribute bands

One for Depeche Mode, one for the Smiths (vocalist didn't even try, really, I could have done a better Morrissey impression myself), New Order and The Cure. (I admired the New Order one...I really did...because the guy had the haircut and sang in an amateurish Barney way but mostly I admired them because they didn't fuckiing play Bizarre Love Triangle until the end. I HATE that song, I'm sorry. It's like the only fucking song that most people in America know of them. So I admired them because they did Perfect Kiss & Temptation & True Faith before they ended with BLT. And I was getting down, oh yes I was. And I remembered where and when I first heard the Perfect Kiss 12" when it first came out. I remembered it as though I could reach out and touch it.

But the fucking Cure band took the cake & ate it. We've got the best Robert Smith impressionist right here in Seattle. And when they did A Forest, I knelt down on the floor and some security guy asked me if I was okay I'm like "yes I'm fucking okay I'm trying to pay tribute here, I remember when I was a teenager and I used to walk out in the dark in these places with tiny pine trees and play this on my walkman"

Fuck it all, just fuck it all the goddamn music message board is down. It's balls out tonight. You get whatever you can handle. I've played the Cure's Pornography just now and I'm going to fucking play it again. The cover band played "Strange Day" YES THEY DID AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF DISINTEGRATION

You Tube can't be far behind. Long live the goddamn 80's. You know there was this grey-haired Japanese guy there that I've been dying to talk to again and he fucking saw Simple Minds in the goddamn 80's and he told me the way Jim Kerr had his body down on the ground when he sang. He also saw U2 on the War tour, but he's especially a Peter Gabriel fanatic.

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