Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pacific - Shrift 12" EP and December With The Day, 1989

Pacific - Shrift 12" and December, With The Day, 1989

Please think of this as the companion piece to the Felt record I posted here. There are a couple very distinct reasons for this:

1) Both bands were on Creation

2) Both bands did two classical-sounding instrumental b-sides that I included on a mixtape in 1989. Here those b-sides are called "Autumn Island" & "Mineral". Rest assured, this is more Durutti Column territory, strings & piano and atmospheric gorgeousness. I feel so terribly lucky to have reacquired this record with such mercifully good vinyl quality.

On the A-side, though, "Shrift", they tried to sound like Brotherhood-era New Order. It starts out with strings like classical music (sounded fucking ace when I accidentally played it at the slower speed, too - I should bloody record that because it is so goth). Sortof sounds like Paris Angels, too. I think maybe they tried too hard on the A-side, but it's glorious, nonetheless. Excellent stuff.

As for the last track, "December, With The Day", it appeared on a flexi disc from a magazine called the Catalogue in 1989 and was never officially released on another one of their records. With this track, they are back to poppy, danceable New Order territory - with lots of strings, as always. Sound quality on this is fantastic considering this is a bloody flexi disc that is 20 years old! The vinyl gods have been kind to me, I think, and I am thankful.

As for this band Pacific, they had one other record on Creation just before this Shrift 12", and I can't recall the name now...Sea of Sand??? I think it had about 6 tracks, something like that, and I didn't like it much. Don't have it anymore, either.

Didn't they go on to release an album, too? I'm really not in the mood to do the research right now. Maybe later.

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disloc said...

Love this! Many thanks! Apparently there was a compilation of the two ep's called interference.