Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dif Juz - Vibrating Air, Out of The Trees version, 1981/1986

Dif Juz - Vibrating Air EP, Remixed, 1986

Let me try to explain as best I can. There were two early EP's by Dif Juz on the 4AD label in 1981. One was called Huremics, the other was called Vibrating Air. After they released the "Extractions" LP in 1986, with the help of Robin Guthrie's heavenly production, they decided to reissue these two early rare EP's on one record. On one side, the Hurmeics EP appeared, exactly as it had been on the early release (and you can now find it on the essential "Soundpool" CD). On the OTHER side of this record, however, some shenanigans took place which have never ever made it to CD. The EP was originally called Vibrating Air and you can find it in its original form on Soundpool as well, but well...I refer you to the words on the front sleeve of the Out Of The Trees LP:

"A long player comprising two 12-inch E.P.'s originally released in 1981. One side, "Huremics", appears here in its original form. The other side, "Vibrating Air", was PARTLY RE-RECORDED AND ENTIRELY RE-MIXED IN THE SUMMER OF 1986

Now, before anyone gets TOO excited...I am still not entirely sure that the first two tracks on this are really much different from the Soundpool versions, if at all. But the LAST TWO NEED TO BE HEARD. Check out the vocalist dude for "Heset" when he sings "Vibrating Air". That is to die for.

Anyway I hope this post makes someone happy.


Adam said...

I think the Vibrating Air and Out of the Trees versions of all songs are all different but the remixed OotT versions of Gunet and Soarn appeared on the CD version of Extractions. It's the remixed versions of Heset and Diselt that have never been released digitally. Maybe that's what you said but I confused myself.

Bimble said...

Yes, that's probably it, Adam! I knew I could count on you. Thanks!