Saturday, June 20, 2009

I want to talk about Genesis a lot

I want to talk about Genesis a lot. I have put a lot of their albums on my iPod and have listened to a lot of albums.

Here is my top ten songs right now (not necessarily in order, but roughly):

1. You Might Recall
2. Paperlate
3. Keep It Dark
4. Turn It On Again
5. Dancing In The Moonlit Knight
6. The Musical Box
7. Abacab
8. Me And Sarah Jane
9. Dodo/Lurker (the one with the REGGAE PART!! WOOHOO!)
10. Harold The Barrel

But to be honest, the "And Then There Were Three" album impresses me so much that I'm deliberately keeping that separate from my top ten here (even "Follow You Follow Me"). It leads me to believe that if I were to purchase Wind & Wuthering and Trick of the Tail that I might be made quite happy indeed.

Thanks and good day/night.

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