Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recent Happenings In Bimble's Windy Weather

Somewhere beyond my wildest dreams as a blogger, the guy who did the LEGENDARY early-to-mid 80's Pleasantly Surprised cassettes, Robert H. King, just posted on this blog! On the Dif Juz cassette post no less. I'm ecstatic! Find it in the comments of this post. Wow, I'd love to interview him, come to think of it.

Sorry I didn't post the 1981 Jo Callis (of Human League) single after all. I have it ripped from vinyl already, will upload it here by the end of the weekend. I was actually pretty disappointed in it because it didn't have the song on it I thought I'd be getting, but it was a still a good single, so don't fear.

Let's see, oh yes. Another very remarkable guy commented on this blog recently called Julian Treasure who really knew his post-punk UK family tree trivia on this page.

I live for comments like this, more please!

I have no idea if I'll post any records for awhile at all. I'm into John Cale really heavily right now and should probably post an LP by him that isn't on CD but I want to work on a written review of it first, I think.

Other than that I am actually trying to go back to post-punk lately. Found out the Delmontes were actually better than I would have guessed and I really want their CD on LTM records right now.

or get it in the US from

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