Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bands John Peel Turned Me Onto Pt. 2: Flood "Jealousy Comes To The Rescue" EP

Alright, well, I'm going to step away from the post-punk thing for just a moment here. This one is from 1991. It's hard to know how to describe this band. They're certainly not shoegazing, though the production values hint at that sometimes. In one sense, they were very fiery & passionate a la old U2/Simple Minds, or perhaps Power of Dreams. In another way, though, they recall REM because the singer does an American accent a lot. I guess maybe the best way to describe them is REM's Chronic Town EP beefed up for the early 90's.

I seem to recall reading in the press that they were from a southern England coastal town - Bournemouth? Anyway, they had another EP called "Honeymoon Striptease" which I will likely post at a later time.

Flood - Jealousy Comes To The Rescue EP

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